Jakob Fioole (1978) is a painter, currently living and working in Boston, U.S.

He grew up on a decayed farm in a suburb of Breda that he saw slowly being restored.
With the presence of all kinds of machinery and building materials, the house and garden
resembled a massive playground. The surrounding neighborhood was still in development,
so exploring the wide area around the house was also an adventure. A wasteland speckled
with alluring construction sites, buildings and houses gradually closing in on the farm.

In 1997, after high school and spending a year at a technical engineering college in
The Hague, Fioole attended art school in Breda. The first years were fully occupied by
drawing, mainly pencil on paper. Constantly challenging himself to find new ground, often
using various kinds of (physical) restraints to help explore the depth of the medium.

After moving to another art school in 's-Hertogenbosch in 1999, he started using acrylic
paint in his drawings and slowly shifted from working on paper to working on canvas.
Soon he was fascinated by the resistance found in the complexity of oil paint. and around
this time his subject matter started to gain importance as well.

While living in the U.S. (2008-2014), Fioole was fascinated and confronted by the country's
cultural make-up and urban environments, and developed a clear vision on his work:

"I like to see my work as an actual place.  A city or ghost town that I am building with
paintings.  Every piece reveals another part of this parallel world.
I'm interested in a certain sense of absence and the manifestation of decay.
It makes you wonder if something was different in another time, and how.
Old photographs often share this quality too, you might question how much of what
you see is actually real. Maybe you are looking at someone else's memories.
Let the ghost town be my city."

1997 - 1999 St.Joost art education Breda
1999 - 2002 art education 's-Hertogenbosch

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Chassé Theater, Breda
2015 TAC, Eindhoven
2008 'The sky is falling' - Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch
2007 EL gallery, Welle
2007 AYAC's gallery, Amsterdam
2005 Verkade Fabriek theatre, 's-Hertogenbosch
2005 "Overschilderij" De Aanschouw gallery, Rotterdam

Group Exhibitions
2016 'This Art Fair' Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam.
2013 'Artist's Choice Exhibition' - Somerville Museum, Somerville (U.S.)
2012 'FLUX Offline' - Voltage Coffee & Art - Boston (U.S.)
2012 'Chain Letter' - Gallery Samson - Boston (U.S.)
2012 'SOS' - Joy Street Artists - Somerville (U.S.)
2009 Kelderman en van Noort art foundation, Eindhoven
2008 AlbusLux Gallery, Roosendaal
2008 'Brabant nu' - De Pont museum, Tilburg
2007 'Vet goeie schilders' - Kunsthaus Rhenania art foundation, Cologne
2007 'Succes" - CBK art centre, 's-Hertogenbosch
2006 'FW' - De Fabriek art foundation, Eindhoven
2006 'Salon IX' - NBKS
2006 'Teekenings aan de wand' - NBKS art foundation, Breda
2005 Consortium Gallery, Amsterdam
2004 Banning law firm, 's-Hertogenbosch
2002 Hüsstege Gallery, 's-Hertogenbosch

Awards & Residencies
2006 'Salonprijs' NBKS art foundation
2006 'startstipendium' scholarship BKVB art fund
2003 'startstipendium' scholarship BKVB art fund

2015 ED newspaper article ⇒
2015 UnHidden blog - interview
2013 Studio Visit Magazine

Paintings are oil on linen,
custom prepared and mounted
on aluminium frames.

Drawings are pencil on paper,
larger ones are charcoal and
pencil on paper and cardboard.

Prints are 2880 dpi screenless Ciglée
on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 grams,
waterproof archival pigment inks,
9 colors, 9 layers.